Debt Review Rewards for RD Debt Counselling

The debt review industry had an awards function in Durban during July and RD Debt Counselling did well!

We got nominated and made it to the top five debt review businesses within the country.

There are three parts to the industry:

  1. Debt Counsellors,
  2. Credit providers (banks, retailers, microloans, etc.)
  3. PDA’s (Payment Distribution Agencies)

When voting, each player in the industry gets a vote, and can only vote for the other two, so the PDA’s and the Credit Providers vote for the debt counsellors and so on.  No-one in the same industry can vote for their friends in the industry.

Every year, there is an awards function, where banks, payment agencies and debt counsellors from all over South Africa attend. Before the awards, we made the Top 10, and during the award ceremony, we were named in the Top 5 positions for debt counsellors in South Africa.

Russell Dickerson, from RD Debt Counselling, spoke at the awards where he discussed the roles of debt counsellors and how the debt counselling industry has changed in the 11 years.

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A major concern for everyone was the level of fraud in South Africa, and the effect on our industry.

If you need any debt counselling help and assistance, contact RD Debt Counselling today.