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We are Registered Debt Counsellors, situated in Johannesburg, who specialise in protecting you and your most valuable assets - your home and car. Let us:

deal with your creditors
provide confidential one-on-one consultations
reduce your monthly instalment

We'll help you get debt free! Contact us for a DEBT REVIEW today!


    About us

    We are Registered Debt Counsellors.  RD Debt Counselling is situated in Benoni, South Africa and we are a group of registered debt counsellors in Johannesburg with the NCR (National Credit Regulator) in terms of the National Credit Act 34 of 2005. We assist our clients to reschedule and reduce their existing debt including any arrears to a more manageable monthly amount which is paid in a single payment to a PDA (Payment Distribution Agency) which distributes it to the Credit Providers (Banks, Retail Stores, micro lenders and others). 

    We also get a court order for the new amount to be paid which legally protects the clients. RD Debt Counselling helps you get DEBT FREE in the shortest possible time with a debt review. RD Debt Counselling in Johannesburg are debt counselling experts who specialise in protecting you and your most valuable assets. Contact us today!

    To all our valued clients

    We at the RD Debt Counselling want to wish you the best holiday season and a fantastic 2024. Thank you for allowing us to walk this path with you to your financial freedom. 
    We are very excited for 2024 and we will keep on doing our best for all of you. May you all be blessed and have a safe festive season.

    We will be closing from the 22nd of December and will reopen on the 3rd of January.

    Thank you,
    RD Debt Team

    Our Debt Counselling Services

    debt counselling services
    We reschedule and reduce your debt repayments to credit providers as provided for in the National Credit Act.
    Corporate Financial Services
    We offer advice regarding staff financial health and particularly if you are retrenching or placing staff on short-time.
    Clear Credit Records
    Obtain Credit Status and assist to clear credit record so that you can obtain Credit again.
    Debt Review And Advice
    Free advice on any Debt related problems.

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      How to get STARTED - how debt counselling works


      Provide all your financial details

      You provide the Debt Counsellor with all of your income details, all financial debt and all monthly expenses.


      Debt Review and Assessment

      Your information is used to assess your situation and determine if you are over-indebted or not.


      Financial Calculation

      Your Credit Providers and the Credit Bureaus are contacted and provide all account details and balances. A debt repayment plan is worked out and submitted to your Credit Providers.



      A court order is then obtained which confirms the payment amount and how much each creditor will get. Your Credit Providers cannot commence with any legal action unless you miss payments.


      Payment to completion

      You will make a single monthly payment for all your debt from the first payday after you apply for Debt Review. This will continue until your debt has been repaid in full. You can then request a clearance certificate and carry on with your life.


      • Frans

        I want to thank you and your team for your support while Amanda and I was under rehabilitation. We feel so relieved that it is all over and never thought that we will see the day that we are cleared. Once again many thanks and may you enjoy a wonderful festive season.


        Thank you so much again for everything, answering any queries I have had and your pleasant nature!! The fact that you have really been so helpful and empathetic! Words can't describe my gratitude! Thanks again for everything and have an amazing day further.


        I was a single mom who had a good job with a good position. I earned a good salary and lived comfortably until life happened. I had to make tough decisions to try and survive on my own.  My path crossed with Russel and Wilna. They helped me by providing me with a no-nonsense approach. I can now say that I am debt free!
      • Kevin

        Baie baie baie dankie dis die beste nuus ooit. Baie dankie vir al julle moeite en effort wat julle van dag 1 af ingesit het julle is awesome verby.


        I would then like to thank you and the whole team, you guys have come to my rescue in my struggle times, if not for you I would not have a free credit life today, I thank you please continue helping other people like you did to me. 


        Debt review works! Four months ago, City Press reader, Oscar,  wrote to us asking for help in finding a debt counsellor as, in his words, he was “broke because of debt.” After doing some research we found RD Debt Counselling and Oscar met with debt counsellor Russell Dickerson. After four months of debt reviewOscar is so relieved and happy about the changes in his life, he wanted to share his story. Read Oscar's story here.
      • Gary

        Dear Silvia,
        Thank you for the most perfected customer service, it is highly regarded and appreciated, it will never be forgotten! 
        Thank you again for your most valued assistance, I pray that the company will value a perfect asset!
        Yours sincerely,


      How do I know if I qualify for debt counselling?

      You qualify for debt counselling if:

      • You are struggling to pay your monthly debt on time.
      • After you have paid your debt, or your debit orders have gone off, you do not have enough for your living expenses like food, petrol to get to work, school fees etc.
      • If you do not have any income, not even pension, maintenance, commission, own business income etc. then, unfortunately, you cannot apply for debt counselling.

      What are the benefits of Debt Counselling?

      • No additional charges to consider – Debt Counselling fees are included in your monthly repayment.
      • One monthly payment for all your debt.
      • The National Credit Act protects you from being blacklisted unless you are listed when you apply.
      • No need for further financial stress.
      • Credit providers cannot start legal action once your Debt Counselling has started.
      • Your Debt Counselling starts when you have supplied all the info needed and signed the documents.

      What is the job of the Debt Counsellor?

      Debt Counselling was established when the National Credit Act 34 of 2005 was introduced and debt counselling started in mid-2007. The Debt Counsellors' function is to assist debtors who cannot repay all their debts at the end of any given month, or who are likely to experience problems in the near future. Debt Counsellors negotiate with your creditors and work out a repayment plan for your specific debts and then refer the matter to court. The idea is that all your debt is repaid in a reasonable period and you are then debt free.

      Do I have to attend an interview?

      No you don’t have to attend and interview for your debt review. We are debt counsellors in Benoni and if you live near Benoni, I always prefer to sit down with clients, but if you prefer not to, or can’t, then we can use a number of methods, either by telephone or e-mail, or fax, or a combination of all of them. We need to get the information correct in the shortest time, and often we book a call when you are available and near a landline where you can have all your info with you, and we do the process in one session. If there are any other requirements, we get those later. There is some documentation that requires original signatures.

      How long does the application process take?

      The application process can be quick if you have all your information, and send the signed application back quickly, or sign at our offices. Our back office team is experienced and capable, and get your application loaded and the 17.1 (notification to creditors) out within a few days. You are then protected.

      How long will it take to repay my debt?

      The time taken to repay your debts depends on the type and amount of the debt. If you have car debt arrears and houses included in your debt then it will take longer to repay than if you have a few loans a credit card and a few clothing accounts. Your debt repayment is also dependent on how much you can afford to pay every month.

      Will I be blacklisted?

      The National Credit Act protects you from being blacklisted while you are under debt review. If you were already listed before applying, then that will not go away. While you are still under debt review, the Credit Bureau will reflect this, but will be removed when you have paid off your debt.

      How do I know if I need Debt Counselling?

      If you are not able to make your monthly payments, your bills are piling up and you don’t have enough money left to live on, then you will benefit from undergoing debt counselling.
      DON’T LEAVE IT TOO LONG – if your creditors start with legal action like issuing a summons, then they are allowed to refuse Debt Counselling and continue with their legal action. We obviously try to negotiate with them, but they have the final say. We are professional debt counsellors in Johannesburg and we help you become debt free in the shortest possible time! Contact us for a FREE debt review today.

      If I have lost my job can I apply?

      The law requires that you have an income. It can be pension, commission, policy payout, or if you are married, you can apply on your spouses income, but you have to have some income, and be able to repay a reasonable amount every month.

      I have my own business can I apply?

      Yes you can, we understand that people in their own businesses who are struggling have a problem with regular income. We then assess your income over about a 6 month period to determine your income.
      There is a legal technicality here! If the debt is in the name of the business, eg the CC or (PTY) Ltd, then it can’t be included. Only debt in your own name or your spouse's name can be included. If you are a sole trader, then all debt can normally be included.

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      We'll help you get debt free! Contact us for a DEBT REVIEW today!

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