What to do if you are unhappy or can’t find your debt counsellor

What to do if you are unhappy or can’t find your debt counsellor

What happens if I can’t find my debt counsellor?

Fortunately there is a process if that happens. A new debt counsellor can take over your account. The best is that you find the debt counsellor that you like, meet with them and if they accept you, you transfer to them and carry on your debt review. If you have finished paying, they can exit you from the process properly.

If you are unhappy with, or are not getting decent service from your current debt counsellor you can transfer to another without any cost to you.

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Why would a new debt counsellor not accept me?

Some debt counsellors don’t accept transfers at all, and the main reason is that you don’t know if the other debt counsellor did everything right. This means that you inherit their problems, and most often, they are not prepared to take the chance.

Most debt counsellors will accept you if you have been paying your debt review properly, every month like the court order says.  At RD Debt Counselling we will accept you if you have been paying properly, or if there is a good reason why you haven’t been paying, we will try to restructure your things if they were done incorrectly, most of us work on a case by case basis.

Are the banks really helping people to get out of debt?

Yes they are helping. Banks have certain amount of responsibility, because they gave the loans in the first place and they also want their money back.

They do allow interest rate reductions very often, and they take the monthly account fees off when you are in debt counselling, so it is a huge saving and it helps people to get out of debt quicker.

When in debt counselling, you never have to pay back the interest concesssion. This means that you don’t get to the end of debt counseling and still have things to pay. When your debt counselling is finished, all your accounts are paid up and you are finished.

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